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Leader Plating on Plastic Ltd. was established in 1979 as a family operated business. One of the company's original founders named Joseph Gaspardo had extensive experience in the plating industry and ran the company as President in the years 1979 to 2010. Joseph believed in exceeding client expectations and set the industry standard for superior plating. Under his dedicated leadership, the company grew and gained recognition all over the world.

Mary Gaspardo joined the company in 2002 as Vice-President, and succeeded her father as President in 2010. Mary is a certified member of the Women's Enterprise Network (WE Connect International), which signifies that Leader Plating on Plastic is 100% female owned. She continues the family tradition of ensuring a personalized approach to clients, promoting integrity and high quality standards within the company.

Leader Plating on Plastic Ltd is proud to take on the responsibility of plating: from start to finish, the entire process is done in house. This ensures we produce only the highest quality to exceed the standards of our clients. A complete in-house operation allows us to retain control of the design and manufacturing process, which is lost when outsourced to third-party contractors.