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Chrome Plating On Plastic

Leader Plating professionals are always up to the challenge and can work through any plating projects our customers present us with. We provide chrome plating services to customers in a wide range of industries, including automotive manufacturing, appliances, plumbing, furniture, and electronics. We take care of our clients' needs, inform them about the production progress and make sure that all of the requirements, down to the tiniest details, are completely accounted for.

At Leader Plating, we advance rigorous quality control to make sure that our products are free of any imperfections. All plated units are hand-inspected and subjected to field testing to ensure the highest quality and durability. The work that is done by our professionals is complemented by innovative electroplating technology to guarantee precision and efficiency. Our techniques and equipment are constantly evaluated and upgraded to provide the state-of-the-art service that ensures our customers' happiness.